Create Objectives Tracart objective screen.
No. 1

Create Objectives

Whether you're training for a marathon, trying to quit a bad habit or working toward something new, Tracart can help you accomplish an objective.

No. 2

Invite Advisors

Having your own Personal Advisory Board™ keeps you motivated and on track. Simply send Tracart invitations to anyone who will support you, and watch as they cheer you on.

Invite Advisors Tracart objective screen.
Get Encouragement Tracart objective screen.
No. 3

Get Encouragement

Your advisors can offer encouragement every time you check in on your progress toward accomplishing your objective. From simple kudos to deep words of wisdom, their reassurance will help you feel supported and inspired.

No. 4

Stay on Track

You have the power to choose how often you want to check in on your progress. Use Tracart to create a detailed log of small wins, big accomplishments and everything in between.

Stay on Track Tracart objective screen.
Complete Objectives Tracart objective screen.
No. 5

Complete Objectives

Once you complete an objective, Tracart scores your progress so you can understand how you did and do even better in the future. Then, set new objectives to start working toward your next success.

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