Being a Great Advisor

The key to being a great advisor is 1) genuine interest in the other’s success, 2) engaging them in finding their own solutions, 3) inviting them to report back, and 4) generous encouragement.

Several years ago, I was hired to conduct an audit for a nonprofit organization. I was excited—it was my first consulting job! Because, I had little experience in the nonprofit sector, I was assigned an advisor. During the audit, I uncovered several areas where the organization was out of compliance with licensing standards and internal policies. When I reported my findings to my advisor, he listened intently and then asked, “If this was your company, what would you do?”

He couldn’t have asked a better question! His question and confidence in me instantly engaged me in finding solutions. I shared with him a few of my ideas. He seemed pleased, asked if I would develop a plan of correction, and then gave me a deadline for the report to be completed. I went back to the office and went to work. He asked me to check in with him daily on my progress. When I did, he listened, answered questions, and cheered me on. When I finally completed the report, he pointed out what he thought was outstanding work and then gave me some suggestions on how I could improve the report.

When I presented my report to the nonprofit, they could not have been more pleased. I have always remembered that experience and how much I learned and grew in such a short period of time.

It is easy to simply give advise when we see a problem; however, have you ever noticed when we do, how our advise seldom sticks and is almost never followed—even when our advise is needed and good? It is much more powerful, and others are more likely to succeed, when we give them an opportunity to think, strategize, problem solve, and ask questions on their own—knowing of our encouragement and interest in their success, our willingness to answer questions, and how much we are looking forward to their reports.

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