Building a Personal Advisory Board™

No one has ever made it alone. Ask anyone who has successfully accomplished a life objective and they will tell you of the people who served as their coaches, mentors and advisors—and how invaluable they were to their success.

For example, just three years out of college, I was promoted to position in a company that I was not yet qualified for. Gratefully, the CEO assigned three board members to serve as my personal advisors. Ten years later, I was named the CEO of the company.

Steve Jobs attributed his creative success to a small group of trusted (and smart) advisors. NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young attributes his success to the advice of his father, teachers, coaches, advisors, and teammates.

David Bradford, former senior vice president of Novell and the author of Up Your Game, says.

“To accomplish anything of significance in life, you need a Personal Advisory Board™.”

He states that an ideal Personal Advisory Board (PAB) includes at least one person from each of the following groups:

  • Expert (people with knowledge and experience with a similar objective)
  • Life Mentor (i.e., teacher, coach, religious leader, former boss, etc.)
  • Cheerleader (people who will offer encouragement when you fail)
  • Trusted Friend (i.e., spouse, family member, coworker, etc.)

PAB members can provide a reporting relationship where we can hold ourselves accountable for our performance. PAB’s can provide invaluable feedback and counsel. Perhaps, most importantly, PAB’s can keep you on track.

Use the Tracart app to build your Personal Advisory Board™.