Welcome to Tracart

Today, Tracart released its much-anticipated Tracart app. Tracart helps people reach their personal aspirations—everything from loosing weight, overcoming an addiction, to reaching new sales goals.

Tracart was designed by a team of professionals in executive coaching, management, behavioral sciences, planning, implementation, and software design. The team’s collective years of experience taught them two fundamental principles:

  1. The key to staying on track and accelerating performance is reporting it
  2. The key to reporting it is a commitment to report it to someone you care about

What makes Tracart a stand-out among productivity apps, is that it allows its users to assemble their own Personal Advisory Board™ and to serve as an advisor to others.

Users simply set an objective, choose a frequency for reporting performance (daily, weekly, or monthly), invite friends, family, mentors, teachers, and others to serve as advisors—and then get started. Tracart notifies the user of when its time to report. With the advice, support, and encouragement of advisors, the sky’s the limit as to what people can accomplish using Tracart.

Download Tracart from the App Store today. It’s free!